Week beginning 25th June 2018.

Thursday and Friday evenings see the first performances of Mrs. Julier's school production of "Matilda". As I understand it, most of the class are involved in either one or the other performances as chorus singers (with a further two daytime performances next Monday). Good luck to all - give of your best and enjoy performing.

The other "performance" this week involves the field events for Sports Day. Given that, this year, due to rising numbers, there will be two Sports Day events on Wednesday 4th July, one for the infant children and one for the juniors, the traditional morning field events have been moved into individual class time: so, at some point this week, everyone will be competing for their house in one or more of the following: speed bounce, standing long jump, paired catching, balance beam and javelin. The results (and subsequent points) will then be carried forward and added to those points won when the track events are held a week on Wednesday, the final result being known when the juniors have competed - at about 2.30 p.m., I suspect.

In between all this, normal life will continue. This week's burger recipe, chosen by the class, is a Korean chicken one and, like last week, cookery will take place on Tuesday.

On Monday and early Tuesday, the class will also be carrying out a few of the responsibilities of the absent Year 6 and will hopefully be the model of good behaviour and self-discipline which befalls the oldest class in the school.

The penultimate set of homework will be issued this Friday, the final one appearing on Friday 6th July. Even at this stage, receiving the completed versions back as early as possible does help me keep up so, please, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or, at the latest, a Thursday hand-in for each of these last three weeks.

Thank you.

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