Week beginning 2nd July 2018.

With fifteen days of the school year left, events start to interrupt...

Tomorrow (Monday), everyone will be involved at some point in the last two performances of Matilda. Cast members will, of course, be on hand and cossied-up throughout the day but the remainder of the class, providing choral support, will be divided into two groups, one assisting in the morning's performance, one in the afternoon.

The cooking of "super-healthy salmon burgers" will need to be moved from a Tuesday morning until later in the week as Mrs. Walker will be taking Science that morning. I will consult with Mrs. Orr and Mrs. Freeman as to when the most suitable re-arrangement time is and let the class know as soon as possible.

Wednesday afternoon sees the annual Sports Day take place for all the junior children, the younger pupils having competed at their own event in the morning: as the school grows, we can no longer sustain an all-in-one event in the afternoon (not unless people wish to fix night-lights to their foreheads to see the finish line).

Involving only two members of the class, I know, but the final choir performance for the year takes place on Friday evening at 7 p.m. in the church (rehearsal with the adult choir at the same time and in the same place on Thursday) with the programme consisting of a song cycle (Resurrection Rock), two paired Sherman brothers and Alan Menken songs and a tenth song dedicated especially to the departing Mrs. Hutchings, a departure to which there will, hopefully forgivably, be many references over the next few weeks.

Finally, the annual fete rolls around on Saturday, starting at 11 a.m., the culmination of a year's worth of effort and preparation by the PTA's Fete Committee. I hope to see you there for the setting up, the event itself or the dismantling, or indeed any part of or combination of these three processes.

In case you were concerned, work does continue between/around/in spite of these events but, I confess, the focus is wandering a little now, at times...This Friday will see the last set of homework issued for the year, due date as always being the following Thursday (12th July) at the latest. Once that homework is in, I promise not to darken your houses with any more causes of disputes and nagging: summer will, officially, be here. So, with that to look forward to, let's go...

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