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Week beginning 2nd July

We once again stray from our usual routines for the first part of this week, although Thursday and Friday look like a temporary return to normality and a chance to catch our breath.
Matilda Monday sees the final two performances of this fantastic show. Everyone in the class will be performing in the chorus, either in the 9:30am early show or the 2:00pm afternoon show. As I am sure you have been told, this will involve some changes to playtimes, lunchtimes, home times and the personnel teaching the non-performing children. As I see it, registration for everyone in the class is at 8:45am, so an early start for all, and pick-up time for those children performing in the afternoon performance being at about 5:00pm. If you haven’t managed to get to see the show, you have missed a real treat and if you have, please tell Mrs Julier what you thought.
At some stage on Tuesday, we will be taking part in a cycling workshop. There is no need to bring anything as all equipment will be provided. The whole school has taken part in these and many other activities this school year, which we feel is extremely important to help us, as a school, to reduce sedentary behaviour and increase the amount of physical activity in young people, outside of timetabled curriculum PE. Let’s hope you can continue this ethos at home.
In the same vein, Wednesday is our Sports Day, which is different from previous years as EYFS and KS1 will be competing in their activities from 9:30am, while KS2’s activities start at 1:30pm. We have already completed our field events, so it will be the track events that you will be watching on Wednesday.
As for formal learning, we hope to squeeze in spellings; maths in the form of angles, triangles and times tables; English where we continue to use Mr Stink while looking at personal and possessive pronouns; art, using Taj Mahal and the currently topical St Basil’s Cathedral as inspiration; RE where we start to look at the creation story; music with Mrs Julier and computing with Mrs Castle.
Don’t forget to support our school fete on Saturday. The PTA work really hard throughout the year with their fund raising allowing your children the little (and not so little) extras that makes Tunstall the way it is. In fact, you may have noticed the play equipment that was installed last week.
Finally, congratulations to Ethan, who received our behaviour award last week.


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