Week beginning 9th July.

It's inevitable, I suppose, at this time of year that there has to be some winding down. There have to be decisions about cut-off points, for example. At what point is there simply no point in starting something new because there won't be the time necessary to complete it satisfactorily? But at the same time, with events still lying ahead, a degree of winding up has to be maintained otherwise those events won't be accessible, enjoyable, possible.

This week is the lull before the final storm and is chiefly about finishing many pieces of work off whilst making preparations for the week to come. Final homeworks have been issued, the last round of daily assessments will take place this coming week, all the things which regulate the pace and occupations of the class are about to fall away (leaving us space for class swaps, farewell picnics, the Spoken English competition, leavers' service etc. which occupy the final week). 

"Behind the scenes", there's a lot of end-of-year administration tasks to be completed, all of which have inescapable deadlines attached to them, meaning time has to be juggled. Even this blog is being written a day early, not just to make time for fete commitments but to free time tomorrow to do preparatory work for my summer job which starts on the 21st.

So, winding down AND winding up.

Although only involving two members of the class, I must say well done to the choir; you performed with a clarity and strength in the church yesterday evening which belied your numbers. Well done, too, to those who helped make the KS1 and KS2 Sports Day events run smoothly on Wednesday.

O.K. Enough for now...one thing at a time. I hope to see lots of you at the fete in a few hours from now (no doubt, several of you before then if you're helping to complete the setting up of the event). We can do some winding up...followed by some winding down...

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