Week beginning 9th July

Dare I say that this week looks fairly normal. OK, there is a Bollywood workshop on Tuesday, allowing the children to experience yet another way of keeping active and we are promised a lunchtime activity on Thursday from the team that have been providing the cycling training here at school. I do believe that everyone had a positive experience with our cycling activities last Tuesday and that the providers were very considerate of everyone’s needs. Let’s hope that it has inspired some children to drag their bikes from the shed or garage.
While we continue to use Mr Stink in our English learning this week, there will be a small diversion on Monday as we will have the spoken English ‘read-off’ as part of our learning. Later on in the week, we will be drafting, writing and editing our own stories. We continue with shape in maths this week, looking at triangles and quadrilaterals. Matilda, Cycling and sports day interrupted our spellings somewhat last week, so that was why there were no new spellings for this week, just a rollover of the ones given the week before.
Elsewhere, it’s a matter of getting everything we have started completed, so expect ‘blocks’ of lessons. In art, we look at Sydney Opera House, science is classification keys, a habitat survey and an investigation of environmental changes and RE, we continue with looking at the creation story.
Congratulations to Prize, who received our behaviour award last week.

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