Week beginning Monday 9th July 2018

I cannot believe we are nearly at the end of the year!  Still, lessons to do no fun yet :)

We are spending the next few English lessons going through Year 3 Punctuation and Grammar where gaps still seem to be!  We will be kicking off with commas in complex sentences.

Maths moves on to mass and capacity where we will be making some tasty fruit punch drinks using capacity to measure out various different amounts of juice to our desired taste!

We have nearly finished our independent projects in Canterbury where many children got 3 stars after showing them to Mr Ingram and Mrs Hutchings...well done Team Green.

We are starting a new scheme of work in RE across the school so I will be showing this to the children in RE.

PE, post sports day will be more fun games and activities.

And Science will see us finding out the purpose of the stem in a plant and what happens to a white carnation when we put it in red ink.

I hope the confusion over spellings was alleviated with the note home - the spelling test this Friday will be the one we would have done last Friday!

As it is set to be hot again, please ensure water bottles and caps are in school at all times.

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