Week commencing Monday 3rd September 2018

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer holiday.  The weather now tells us it is definitely time to return to school.

The first week back will just be simple investigations and writing activities to get us used to the levels and abilities of the children before the 'real' work starts the following week.  You can find out everything planned for the children in Term 1 by looking on the curriculum map on the school website.

Just a few notes about Year 3 that maybe different to Year 2.

The children need to provide their own fruit at breaktime should you wish them to have a snack.  These should be in a marked bag or tub.

Children do not need pencil cases which is always the main excitement of year 3!  They really distract the children so we have learnt not to let them bring them in until they have settled.  We usually give pencil cases a trial run after Christmas!

Book bags, whilst they do not need the standard Tunstall one, do need to be about the same size as one.  Our cloakrooms are inside the classroom and we are sure you can imagine that 30 huge Smiggle style back packs do not fit into a small cloakroom!  So please make sure if you are changing their book bags that they will still fit on a peg with a coat and a PE bag.

Our PE lessons are twice a week but PE kits should be in school every day as quite often we do get active even when it is not PE!

Children need to hand their contact books in each day where we will check for messages and change reading books on specific days.  You will be told shortly which day your child's changing day is.  If they finish their books before then they can read different books in our book corner or you can provide them books from home.  Contact books may be looked at by different adults when reading with your child so if you have anything sensitive to discuss please pop it in an envelope or catch me at the end of the day.

Green Class is always quite a challenge for children at the start of the term as they are expected to be much more independent than they were in KS1.  Some children really embrace this change but some children do get very anxious.  Please do not keep any issues to yourself or share it on social media.  We cannot help what we do not know about.  You can catch us at the end of the day so please, please keep communication open and let us help what is probably quite a small thing but can increase in size if kept to yourself or shared with others. 

This blog is updated every Sunday night so please do check in as we will put things that may occur in the week ahead and also post details of events that the children have done including photographs.

We look forward to seeing all the children on Tuesday.

Mrs Black and Mr Baker

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