A warm welcome to Yellow B and Yellow S from all of us!

We are really excited about the year ahead. We hope you had a wonderful Summer and are ready for the year. We recognise that you may have lots of questions about how things work in Yellow so look out for a letter coming your way. 

This week we will be focusing on settling in to Yellow Class. In English, we will start off the week by writing about our Summer Holiday and will be focusing on using capital letters and full stops as we begin looking at our new topic, 'Tales of the Countryside'. 

In Maths, we are starting with place value and will be learning how to partition numbers into tens and ones using Dienes. Please note, we do not use 'units' to decribe ones (just incase you are speaking about this at home).

In Science, our topic this term is 'Animals (including humans)' and this week we will be looking at different life cycles. 

Please see the note about our local walk on Thursday which will be coming to you on our first day. 

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