Week beginning 03/09/18.

Hello. Are you ready for the off? There will be some changes...there will be much which stays the same...hopefully, it will all be positive for everyone concerned with the incoming Indigo Class.

Initial topics will include place value for numbers up to the millions, Roman numerals into the thousands and good old negative numbers, all designed to refresh the brain juices and get a bit of calculation speed going. At the core of our initial English work will be The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (by Joan Aiken) which will spin out into a variety of activities aimed at extending reading, voacabulary, aspects of writing and the increased understanding (and usage) of grammar terms. We will get cracking with some Saxon History, starting with a bit of drama and art and there will also be some spelling assessments to be undertaken so that I can slot everyone into suitably demanding groups.

P.E. will occur on Wednesdays and Fridays (so kits at the ready, please) and, as in previous years in Year 5, Mrs. Walker will be teaching the class Science (on a Monday afternoon), Mrs. Castle will be delivering Computing on a Tuesday afternoon and Mrs. Julier will be handling R.E., French and Music at relevant junctures. The class will also be introduced to Mrs. campbell when she and I do a weekly class swap so that I can deliver History and she can deliver Geography. So, a bit of a merry-go-round but at least the class will get a break from me.

So, gird your loins, steady the buffs, take a deep breath...and we're off.

If there's anything you think I should know, don't assume, please, that I already do - always best to tell me. I'll do my best to find times to meet anyone who requires my attention. 

A whole year lies ahead - best get started...

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