Week beginning 10/09/18.

Hello again.

We're two chapters into The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and are already picking up on narrative techniques such as parallel story-telling and fore-shadowing. We will bring in some pre-reading and post-reading this week and, having touched on personification and alliteration last week, will draw out the usage of similes this week and develop our understanding of a wider range of tenses, re-capping the three types of perfect tense and taking in the three progressive tenses whilst advancing into chapters three and four.

Place value foci in Maths will relate to rounding, ordering numbers and expanding our collective sense of values up into the millions.

Having looked at the coming of the Anglo-Saxons, we will now investigate what we can glean about farmers, women and warriors from secondary source illustrations (based on archaeological evidence) and in Art we will look to assemble our layered Cityscape pieces. Mrs. Walker will kick off this year's Science lessons with, I believe, reproduction in flowers and plants and Mrs. Julier will conduct the first French lesson, continuing to broaden out the investigation into the first Christian area of study later in the week. Mrs. Castle will also be launching the first exploration of computer programming this week.

Now, that "mis-spoke" moment. Owing to timetable changes, Mrs. Campbell and I will not be teaching in each other's classes this year, hence I will be teaching Geography (which began on Friday). We are this term looking at the UK and this will focus, over time, on countries, counties, physical geographical features, land use and so on.

It has also been decided that Year 6 only will be buddied with members of the two Red Classes this year and so there will be one more year to wait for members of Indigo Class to form that special bond. I know that, however, despite the disappointment for some, I can rely on the class to be welcoming and helpful towards our newest members as they enter our Christian community.

Thank you.

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