With the 11+ done and dusted, it's time to get on with learning the year 6 curriculum...

In English we will be working on homophones in spelling and relative pronouns/clauses in grammar - both areas identified in our initial writing last week as needing practice. Writing will continue to be based around our class text, Millions, and this week we will consider what we would do with a million pounds, create character maps and write a letter from the headteacher of Damian and Anthony's school.

In maths, our place value topic moves on to ordering, comparing and rounding. If we get on well, we may also squeeze in negative numbers. 

We start our geography topic on Monday - starting with identifying the countries of North America. I wonder how many children (or parents!) will know all 23 of them?

In French we will be revising numbers -  hoping to get to a thousand or even higher while at the same time working on our pronunciation - remembering all those silent letters and  different phonics.

In RE, we are now using the new scheme of work from the diocese and Mrs Julier will start with a big question - Creation and science: conflicting or complementary? I'm sure that this will generate a lot of discussion.

Well done to Jack for earning the merit award last week - keep it up! Who will receive this week's award?

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