Another busy week!


Firstly, we would all like to say 'thank you very much Mr Hart!' - the children have thoroughly enjoyed having you in Orange Class and wish you a very happy time when you start in your new school in September.

This week, in literacy, we will be completing some work on fantasy stories and then moving on to poetry.  We will be practising using descriptive language in our work.  We will also be practising using 'and' and other sentence joining words like 'but' and 'because' as well as remembering to use capital letters and full stops.  We will also be practising re-reading our work to check it and discussing how we can make it even better!

In our maths lessons we will be looking again at halves and quarters of shapes.  We will also be practising finding half or a quarter of an amount.

In our PE lessons we will be continuing to learn and practise the skills needed for sports day. 

We are really looking forward to a busy, fun-filled week!

Mrs Scargill and Mrs Longley

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