What a fantastic first week we had in Yellow Class! We really enjoyed our walk through the Tunstall countryside and produced some really descriptive writing in response to the things we heard, saw, smelt, tasted and felt. A huge thank you to all the parents and staff who assisted on our walk - we couldn't have done it without you!

This week in Literacy we will be focusing on adjectives, which are describing words. Adjectives add more description to a noun so we will be reading The Enormous Turnip and using illustrations of nouns from the book to create vivid and interesting descriptions. We will also be exploring story structure and we will use the knowledge we have gained to produce a story plan. We will then be writing a story using our plan with a specific focus on capital letters, full stops and adjectives.

In maths we will be developing our understanding of place value by partitioning (splitting) numbers in different ways. We will also be exploring concept cartoons to develop our reasoning skills. For example, '25 has 4 tens and 2 ones. Is this correct? Show me how you know.'

In science we will be building upon our knowledge of animal life cycles by exploring the human life cycle. We will be identifying the different stages of growth and we fill be discussing the features of humans as babies, children, teenagers and adults.

In PE we will be developing our ability to hold a hockey stick and dribble with a hockey ball.

We look forward to a week of interesting discussions and questions!

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