Week beginning 17th September.

Hello again.

This will be the third and final week of Maths work concerning place value so it's time to go to the two extremes, numbers into the millions and negative numbers. We will still be partitioning and comparing and rounding and ordering but with these very large or smaller-than-zero numbers. 

In English, we will recap our recently re-visited and extended examples of figurative language, (similes, alliteration and personification) and dig into the following grammar terms: determiners, noun phrases, expanded noun phrases, verb phrases, relative pronouns, relative clauses, adverbials and, for a few, subordinate clauses. The biggest emphasis will be on relative pronouns and relative clauses. As usual, all of this will be tied to our current class novel, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

Elsewhere we will take a look at Saxon houses, some physical and human geography features of the UK, extend our look at the layering Art work of Charles Fazzino to encompass something more approaching a collaborative yet individualised city, whilst Mrs. Walker will bring her outdoor, practical look at plant parts inside to cover some of the theory. Mrs. Julier has, with the class, put together a first R.E. display in the classroom and will continue ukulele and French lessons this week, Mrs. Castle further exploring the uses of the BBC Micro-bits. We'll squeeze some gym and multi-skills P.E. into the mix somewhere too.

Many a club will get underway this week...always a sign that we're fully up and running for the year.

So, heads down, heads up, let's go.

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