Just to confirm - Year 6 homework has now started after having the first week off because of the 11+ tests. It will always be handed out on a Friday and is due in the following Thursday but of course can be handed in early. The homework due this week consists of maths practice (place value) and creating a geography fact file on a North American country.


It is the time of year for secondary schools to offer open mornings/afternoons for prospective year 7 students and I would encourage parents to look around schools during the working day to see the school in action. Please advise us, via the contact book, of any planned visits. If the visit is at the start of the day, pupils will not receive an absence mark, provided we have been advised in advance. If the visit is mid morning or afternoon, then the children will be expected in school for the start of the day.

This week in maths we will finish off our place value topic with negative numbers and consolidation work. We will then start on our next block  - the 4 operations - which will last around 3 weeks so get ready to brush off and extend those addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

In English we will move on to formal letter writing based on our class text, Millions, writing in role as a headteacher writing to a parent. Our grammar focus this week will be the accurate use of apostrophes and we will also work on our reading comprehension skills using a website called Read Theory.

On Tuesday we will have a tennis session with an external provider - this will be in addition to our normal 2 PE slots.

Well done to Alice who received the merit award on Friday. 

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