Week beginning 24/09/18.

Let's start with some non-English and Maths "stuff" this week...

In History, having constructed our display model Saxon village last week, watched a short information film and (hopefully) carried out some homework, we will write up what we know about typical Saxon houses this week and venture into the kinds of activities which occupied their residents on an average day. Geography will take us deeper into discovering and retaining knowledge of the position of counties and Art will see us jointly creating a large, layered Charles Fazzino inspired cityscape. More ukulele chords will be learned, the investigation into the nature of God will continue and game development work will be enhanced within the Scratch program.

English will see us trying to embed the terms determiner, noun phrase, verb phrase, adverbial phrase and relative clause, one intention being to commit to (eternal?) memory four types of adverbial (where? when? how? how much?), six types of relative pronoun (who, whom, whose, which, that and, occasionally, where) and the fact that determiners can typically be identified as such as they form the first word of a noun phrase, are not adjectives and answer the question, "which?".

Place value becomes visible in the rear view mirror as addition and subtraction take centre stage for a couple of weeks, re-establishing standard written method and focussing on reasoning.

The "digging in" title refers most specifically to presentation and handwriting which, in some cases, is yet to reach acceptable requirements. Cue nagging, modelling, re-presenting, more nagging, possibly growling...oh, and some more nagging. All together now: neat date, ruler, neat title with capital letters in appropriate places, ruler, neat, joined handwriting. It's going to get a bit secretarial for a bit, which hopefully can be supported at home via homework. If you are able to have oversight, thank you.

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