Week beginning 01/10/18.

A second week of addition and subtraction begins, this time with less focus on the ability to calculate and use the columnar method correctly and more focus on estimating and approximating, inverse operations (partly as a means of checking) and good-old-multi-step problems. This will work out, I suspect, as the first half of the week on each of the first two and the rest of the week on the last topic. We're still having a push on neatness and presentation - parents can help, during homework, by a) extracting any kind of pen from the vicinity when Maths is being undertaken and b)re-inforcing the one-digit-per-square dictat when squared paper is sent home, please.

Whilst continuing the Wolves of Willoughby Chase as the first class novel of the year, now that it is established it is time to branch out into other genres, starting with some poetry and taking in the as-yet-missing strand of figurative language, metaphors, whilst also strengthening the class's grasp of relative clauses and expanded noun phrases. This will lead to a piece of metaphorical and observational blank verse being written later in the week (and, hopefully, explains the metaphor in the blog title).

History will see us looking at a bit of Saxon crime and punishment and the postponed Geography from last Friday will revolve around county placement. Art will see the beginnings of placement in our Fazzino-inspired cityscape (built around - but not blocking access to [!] - a fire extinguisher unit) and there will be more bridges constructed in gym.

Thank you for all your co-operation with homework so far. Just a reminder: please ensure it is returned to school as soon as possible. For the class, it takes between three and five hours to mark and so early access for me is key! Hopefully, this week, everything from everyone will be with me in a timely manner (which is not the same thing as saying everything must be completed - the expectation, established at the start of term, is for 45 minutes' work per subject. Any more is at your discretion...

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