Just a quick reminder - it's individual photo day on Monday, so hopefully everyone will remember to brush their hair!! 

Another relatively normal week ahead, though we do have a one hour resilience training session on Wednesday called Josh's Story. The key theme is Primary Gangs and the workshop is jointly funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner and Swale Borough Council.

In maths we are still working on the four operations, and division is the main focus this week. We will start by looking at using factors to help us divide and then we'll move on to long division - Mrs O'Callaghan can't wait!! We may progress to common factors and multiples but the formal method of long division is tricky to grasp so we will be pacing ourselves.

In English we move from diaries to script writing. Having watched the start of the film version of Millions, we will be looking at the differences in terms of writing books and scripts and will then create our own scripts for part of the text.

Mrs Walker takes over science from this week (still on Wednesday afternoon) and will be investigating micro-organisms.

A final quick reminder - please let us know, via the contact book, if you are planning on attending any open days with your child. The dates and times are available on each individual secondary school's website.


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