Finally, the grass has grown through the climbing wall matting and on Friday we deemed it safe and ready for use. I am sure much excitement will be had this week as the children have the opportunity to explore and challenge themselves. I hear from red class that wellington boots are starting to come in to ensure the children can access the outside area whatever the weather. This is something I am certainly keen to encourage across the school. Our ‘outdoor classroom’ area is vast and research evidences the positive impact on children’s academic, social and emotional development outdoor learning can bring.

I have had the privilege of observing English lessons across the school and have seen first-hand the dedication and hard work of our teaching team here at Tunstall. From Year 6 where pupils were learning how to peer assess each other’s work, to Year 4 where the children had taken on the roles of Romulus and Remus arguing who was the best, to Year 2 where proper nouns were being used and punctuated accurately, children were engaged, well mannered and a credit to their teachers.

I have enjoyed wandering around school after 3.30pm to see the variety of wider curriculum opportunities the children partake in. After a days teaching, with often marking and planning to do, staff give up their time to engage the children in wider curriculum learning. These opportunities harvest the growth of confidence in children by giving them the forum to experience new challenges and develop skills. I want to publicly thank all the staff who give up their time to work with the children in this way, from music opportunities to pottery, knitting to mindfulness, cooking to sport our children are very fortunate.

This Sunday, October 7th, I will be in Tunstall church for their 9.30am family service. I hope some families will be able to find the time to join me. As a Voluntary aided church school, we have very close affiliation with the church and indeed many of the church community are Governors here at Tunstall school. I hope we can strengthen our already strong links with the church and attending their family service is one way we can all do this.

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