Week beginning 08/10/18.

The drive is on. The appearance of books, including homework, needs to improve so lots of intervention will be needed. Parents can help, as I said last week, by ensuring homework is completed neatly with ruler-underlined dates and titles, the consistent use of the one-square-per-digit rule for Maths (completed in pencil ONLY) and that written work shows correct, orderly placement (in pen) with errors/changes of mind crossed out with a single ruler line. Through adherence to this, pride and engagement will show through more readily and the story of the work will be more evident. We will continue to work on joins in class...but there is an issue with some children's number formation which is detracting from accuracy (3s which resemble 5s, 0s which appear remarkably like 6s). Let's make the effort and lift the level of the work.

We will be doing some poetry analysis this week (learning some new discursive vocabulary) and writing our own observational pieces, linked by a theme, in which compact, precise noun phrases will feature. Maths will move into the realm of statistics, starting with line graphs and featuring construction, interpretation and what "story" is told by a graph, as well as working out what can and cannot be shown by a line graph.

History will again focus on the reasoning behind some of the weird and wonderful punishments Saxons meted out for acts considered crimes and, now that I've worked out (with Mr. Hall's help) how to suspend backing paper between door frames, we can begin the placement of buildings into our Art cityscape. We also need to give some thought to the forthcoming Harvest Festival so that we can construct a quick but effective presentation.

So, not so much best foot as best penmanship forward and let's enter some sunnier uplands where nagging about untidy books can decline...

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