We are ending our term by finishing Fantastic Mr Fox.

In English we will be creating a character profile of Mr Fox and trying to use everything we have learnt this term in our special writing books (adjectives, nouns, verbs, expanded noun phrases, commas, speech marks etc.). We will also be looking at the conjunction 'because' when talking about the story in relation to their favourite part, favourite character, who they would like to meet etc. 

In SPAG we will continue to look at adding 'ing' to words and the rules surrounding this. We will also be having a look at the Year 1 common exception words again and completing another spelling quiz to see how much progress they have made. 

In Maths we continue to look at subtraction and focusing on taking away multiples of 10 from a number. We will also be looking at problem solving in more depth.

In Science this week we will be learning about the importance of hygiene in keeping people healthy. We will be using hand lotion and glitter to look at how germs spread - please let us know if your child has any allergies and, if so, send in some suitable lotion so they can complete this task. 

We look forward to another great week in Yellow Class and wish you a wonderful half term. 

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