Week beginning 15th October

The final week of our first term together will see us tying up some loose ends together with a few assessments - some obvious, some more discrete, to make sure that what has been taught has firmly remained in the appropriate places.
We will be winding up our Romans learning by investigating, especially for any Monty Python fans out there, what the Romans left behind and also our RE, where the children should have a wealth of answers to our big question, “What do Christians learn from the creation story?” We will complete our English learning by writing out a ‘best’ version of our myth and we will round off addition and subtraction by looking at estimating and using the inverse to check our answers.
We will start to practice for our Harvest celebration early next week, so if your child is a swimmer, but wants to take part in the service on Friday, I will need to know by Monday. This will ensure that everyone who is at the church has a part. I may need to ask for a couple of adults to walk with the class up to and back from the church on Friday. If you are keen to parade about in a hi-viz jacket, and can be at school to leave at 2pm on Friday, please let me know.

I've also set a TT Rockstars girls vs boys battle, starting 14/10 at 3pm until the same time 19/10.  Click on the battle tab and let the best man or lady win.

Please remember that Monday 29th October is a staff development day, so we will see you all back to school on Tuesday 30th October.

Congratulations to Ethan, who received our behaviour award last week.

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