Week beginning 15/10/18.

English lessons this week will begin with everyone assembling their metaphor poems incorporating the use of relative clauses and correct punctuation, based on the Trevor Millum poem we looked at last week. I will be looking, too, for ever-improving presentation. Maths will continue our Statistics work, moving on from line graph construction to some problem-solving and incorporating some time-table tasks (which is invariably a good opportunity to check that judging time progression and regression are already in place, tackling them if they are not, as telling the time is a pre-expectation of Year 5).

We should complete our cityscape display and Mrs. Walker will complete the first Science topic of the year, the children also rounding out their understanding of God in R.E. and time lost in Music and Computing due to timetable variations last week will also be brought back into line.

The big event will, of course, be Harvest Festival at the church on Friday, starting at 2.30, and the class members hope that some of you will be able to join us. In the meantime, with all the words of the presentation parcelled out last week, please help your son/daughter commit them to memory (and learn the trigger of the lines before) so that this can proceed smoothly and briskly.

It's been a full first term and many have coped admirably with the step-up in expectation brought about naturally by progression through the school. If any parents are looking for a holiday task, handwriting is the big one. I am looking for the children to iron out the pockets of poorly-expressed letter and number formation and move whole-heartedly to joined writing as quickly as possible, including in homework, presentation moving to the fore-fronts of minds rather than being tacked on retrospectively. It's a big challenge but we need to be equal to it.

I hope the week's break is enjoyable for all.

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