Week commencing 15th October 

Well done to both the children and families of Team Green - we have found our way through our first term as Juniors. From the increase in work expectations to remembering to come up the stairs each day, there have been a lot of changes to adapt to; everyone should be very proud of the progress they have made over the last six weeks.

This week will see us focus on a final push (for now!) on addition and subtraction in maths. In English, we will spend a week looking at how we can read and interpret non-fiction texts.

In Geography we will look at countries and continents for the final time- a chance for the children to show all the wonderful things they have learnt in this topic. Music will give us more time to learn our Harvest lyrics for our final performance.

Friday afternoon we will head over to the Church for the first time this year to celebrate Harvest, as well as reflecting on a job well done so far in Year 3.

Congratulations to Katie of Green T and Oliver of Green B who took home the behaviour merit awards in Celebration Worship this week- who will earn the final awards of term one?

Thank you for all your hard work so far. Here is to the first break of the year- put your feet up and relax, you’ve earnt it!

Team Green

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