We are so excited about what this term holds! 

We will be rehearsing for our Nativity fairly soon as lots of practise will be needed! We will be doing it alongside Orange Classes so, as you can imagine, organisation will be key!

This week are are reading 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark' in English and we will be describing Plop the owl. We will end the week by converting verbs from the past to the present and back again!

As you will have seen already, we will be learning all about the 'igh' sound in spelling which can be spelt in lots of ways - igh, ie, i-e, i, y. We will be doing a spelling quiz on Friday to see how well the children have picked these up. 

In Maths, we continue to learn about the inverse. We will be looking at triangle families and using 3 numbers to make 4 different number sentences e.g. 7, 3 and 4 make 3+4=7, 5+3=7, 7-4=3 and 7-3=4. We will be using numbers up to 100 in these number sentences.

We will also be looking at solving missing number problems within addition and subtraction e.g. ___ + 8 = 27, ___ - 6 = 10 or 22 - ___ = 9. 

In Science we are starting our new topic - 'Everyday Materials'. We will begin by looking at finding as many objects made from different materials as we can!


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