Week beginning 5th November

Let me explain a couple of issues that may have lit up social media last week: spellings and PE. Last week, in the time set aside for spelling, punctuation and grammar, we looked at some revision of clauses, upon which the home learning was based, in readiness for our English learning. This week, we will have whole class spelling sessions on the suffix ‘ly’ and the following week, we will be able to return to our differentiated spelling lessons. Our PE is timetabled for a Tuesday (outside) and Friday (inside) afternoon, straight after lunch. This term, for the outside session, we are looking at invasion games, specifically hockey. It was a suggestion from me that children are clothed suitably for the weather conditions, which was why I recommended joggers and a jumper. To also keep your children safe, I also recommended shin pads and gum shields, but these are only suggestions to make the sessions more enjoyable for the children. If you have any questions relating to these or any other goings on in the class, please ask.
Our English learning continues on the theme of fables this week, where we will be looking at different sentence structures and adding clauses. On Friday, we will have some practice using these in context as we write a letter, based upon one of the fables we have become familiar with.
Maths moves from measures to a three-week unit on multiplication and division. This week, we will be looking at multiplying by 0, 1, 10 and 100 together with division by 1, 10 and 100, using our now extensive place value knowledge.
Our science/DT learning sees us evaluating different sandwiches, which gives me the opportunity to remind you to return the permission slip to allow your child to taste the sandwiches after our written learning is complete. Elsewhere we start our RE and geography learning for this term, looking at The Trinity and coasts respectively.
That’s all the usual ‘stuff’ but we will also be fitting in some learning on Remembrance Day, making a class wreath and writing prayers for this Friday’s worship. We will also be practising for collective worship next Wednesday, 14th November, which Blue Class is hosting. You are all invited to attend this, which takes place at 10.30 and is expected to last approximately 15 minutes. The theme is the school value of perseverance, which fits in nicely with our fables learning – I wonder which one has been chosen?
Finally, congratulations to Pade for achieving our behaviour award last week.

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