Only a fraction of people will get that joke.



Fact of the week - that fine line has a name - a vinculum. How did I get to this age without knowing that? 

So we are mid- fractions as you might have guessed and move on this week to addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators, mixed numbers and improper fractions. As usual, although fluency is the key objective, we will also focus on reasoning and problem solving.

In English we will continue (and complete) our letters of complaint. Clearly the children have experienced poor service in the past as they had so many ideas for us to use - from smelly toilets to rodent infestations! Our success criteria will include using relative clauses, cohesive devices, rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases.

As the children may have told you, I am still teaching English and maths each day but in order to permit me to take on some of Mr Ingram's responsibilities while he is absent, Mrs Julier and Mrs Walker are covering additional subjects. On Mondays Mrs Walker will teach PE (hockey) and DT, Tuesdays and Wednesdays remain as before (computing with Mrs Castle and music with Mrs Julier on Tuesday and science with Mrs Walker on Wednesday) and on Thursday Mrs Julier will teach RE and PE while Mrs O'Callaghan/Mrs Freeman will deliver an English or history lesson prepared by myself.


Well done to Phoebe who was our merit award winner last week. Thanks also to Cooper, Wonu and Phoebe for doing a sterling job selling poppies and poppy merchandise each day.

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