I have had the pleasure of observing teaching and learning in maths across the whole school this week. The level of challenge for our children is pitched suitably so that the children are needing to be resilient but experiencing the success necessary to motivate and develop confidence.


In Red classes the Gruffalo had left numbers hidden all around the class and children were hunting with clip boards to track and record the numbers. The naughty Gruffalo had even put numbers on the ceiling! In Orange classes the children were using practical resources to be active in their learning. It was super to see the independence of some children, who could work with sustained focus and concentration. In Yellow classes Marvin needed rescuing and the only way this was possible was through the children finding multiple number sentences using numicon. I noticed some children working well above the boundaries of 20 with competence. Green classes were applying their knowledge of the 3 times table to problem solving scenarios. The behaviour for learning in both classes was exemplary and the children were eager to show me their books and explain their learning. In Blue class the children had a ‘chilli’ challenge where they are able to choose the level of challenge they wish to pursue. This enables children to consolidate learning and then move forwards at a pace they feel comfortable with. It was wonderful to see so many children had chosen ‘sizzling hot’. Indigo children explained to me how the ‘pink to think’ comments and questions from their books move their learning forwards. The high expectations of the work on squared and cubed numbers set was clearly motivating and engaging the children. The pace of learning in Violet was ensuring each child was moving forwards as soon as they have experienced sufficient consolidation of maths fluency. Children were then challenged to apply their knowledge to reasoning tasks.

I am hoping to share the findings of the parent questionnaire with you all by the end of next week. Some queries and actions have already been factored into our current school development plan. Moving forwards I am hoping to set up a ‘parent forum’ to enable monthly face to face discussions between myself and a parent representative from each class.

We have focused on Remembrance this week and have visitors coming to school tomorrow to share our own school remembrance Service. The beautiful poppies made by Mrs Black and the art club last academic year will be laid, as planned, by our ‘Tommy’ silhouette on the field. Seven of them will be taken to Tunstall Memorial Hall on Sunday and laid to commemorate the seven fallen men from Tunstall in WW1

We have all recognised Diwali, the Festival of Lights, this week in school and some classes have had stories and activities relating to this. I feel that after our Children in Need fundraising next week, the sound of Christmas songs will start to echo throughout the school. I am very excited to hear the plans for the broad variety of Christmas performances the children can take part in, knowing as a school, through all the fun we will have, we will ‘hold fast’ to the true reason for the upcoming season.


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