The year 6 children will be playing a vital role in this week's open mornings (Tuesday and Wednesday) by acting as tour guides for the families who come to visit. We are all very proud of our school and look forward to welcoming the families of the children hoping to join us next September.

Another group of children will help to serve the community lunch on Wednesday - by the end of the year, most children will have been given this opportunity. Our community visitors always compliment us on the politeness of the children - keep it up Violet class!

In maths we are sticking with fractions this week and will move on to multiplying and dividing. Last week we had to add in a couple of lessons on converting from improper to mixed numbers and vice versa before we could move on to adding/subtracting mixed numbers and improper fractions. There are so many steps involved that most children found it challenging but rewarding when the understanding clicked into place.

Our writing this week will be an information text in which we  explain the story of The Lego Company. Most will be surprised to discover that the company started by making wooden toys and that it was many years before the colourful, plastic, interlocking bricks we know and love, came into being and that the company had to overcome many difficulties before becoming the major brand it is today.

We are hoping to squeeze in a bit of buddy time at the end of week - providing everyone works hard during the week, which I'm sure they will.


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