This week is all about FACTS, FACTS, FACTS!

This week we are looking at non-fiction texts and the features of these (headings, sub-headings, pictures, contents, glossary, index etc.). We will be researching owls for our own book and then, towards the end of the week, writing this.

In SPAG we are looking at making the 's' sounds in 3 different ways - s, ss and c.


- After a short vowel sound it is usually the ss

- Before an i, y or e it is often the c

- The rest we just have to know!

In Maths we are focusing on problem solving this week. We are developing the skill of knowing what a problem is asking of us. We are using the RUCSAC posters to help us with this. We will also be developing our reasoning skills before going back to money next week. 

Nativity practise is in full swing now! Please see the letter coming home about costumes.

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