Week beginning 26th November

…are the unclaimed items of clothing left in the classroom last week. I’ll keep them in the classroom for another few days before consigning them to the depths of the lost property box.
Assessments have been completed, the results of which will be discussed during this week’s parent consultations, which are being held this week in Yellow S classroom (downstairs, last room on the right). Not sure if ‘the bell’ will be in use, but please be prompt for your appointment time as every time slot is taken, but don't come too early as your children's books will be given to you after our meeting.
Letters regarding the panto trip, music concert at Highsted and our DT learning, all of which require a response, were sent home with the children last week, which I would be obliged if you could return the slips as soon as possible. If any of these have not reached you, please let me know and I will let you have a duplicate.
Our maths learning continues this week with multiplication and division, specifically looking at the 6, 7 and 9 times tables, while English moves onto stories in familiar settings, using the Horrid Henry series of books by Francesca Simon.
Friday is our chance to visit the PTA gifts room, please bring a separate bag into school in order to transport any gifts home. I’m sure details of this and other PTA fundraising events can be found elsewhere on this site.
Finally, congratulations to Sadie, who received our behaviour award last week.

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