Indigo class worked extremely hard last week and completed a series of maths and English tests. These tests have been marked and will help to identify misconceptions we need to concentrate on.

Our work in maths this week will address areas of weakness that came to light in last week’s tests. These include Roman Numerals, negative numbers and rounding numbers to the nearest 10s, 100s, 1000s and beyond. 

In English we will be looking at biography. We will write the biography of Michael, the narrator in Kensuke’s Kingdom, and time permitting, may write a short autobiography of our early lives. As usual, we will be scrutinising the text for evidence.

The class have been enjoying Science and have added much to the lessons with their enthusiasm and knowledge. This week we will be looking at the phases of the moon.


We are attempting to design and construct toys with moving parts in DT. The class have finished the sawing and will be using mechanical drills this week. So far so good…

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