It was lovely to tell the children in Worship how proud I could see you were as you looked through books at parent consultations this week. This mirrors the pride I have for all the children who are striving to do their very best. Having walked in and out of classes across the week it is notable how industrious the learning environment is. Whether it be computer programming with Year 2, bell ringing in Year 6, tag making in EYFS, Kensuke’s Kingdom in Year 5, maths problem solving in Year 4, scientific factual accounts in Year 3 or role play of ‘years gone by’ in Year 1 children were engaged, enthusiastic and working collaboratively.

Despite wind and drizzle children have happily been outside for their breaks. I commend the determination of staff and their willingness to facilitate outside play and learning whenever possible. This in turn results in better focus and concentration when the children return to the classroom.

Christmas songs fill the corridor throughout the day as children rehearse their nativities and Choral Christmas events. Thank you for your support with providing costumes, where necessary and your understanding that tickets have to be limited due to health and safety/fire regulations.

Thank you to those of you who have volunteered to be parent forum representatives. This is a chance for parents to have a regular, active voice within the school with regards to necessary, purposeful change. I would welcome some more volunteers to voice the opinions of your child’s class in this formalised, constructive manner. I will be asking Mrs Hewitt to re send the application form via Parent mail to ensure all parents have had the chance to apply.

A massive thank you to the PTA and all the additional helpers for the ‘gift room’. Once again I was overwhelmed by the efficient, meticulous organisation of this. Having visited the room, I then also understood why every class had been making such beautiful gift tags.

I look forward to seeing you all over the coming weeks as we celebrate the Christian message of Christmas through our nativities and singing. I know the children in KS2 are looking forward to the trip to Canterbury to see the pantomime whilst KS1 have the pantomime coming in to them. Once again big thank you to the PTA who heavily subsidise these events.

 It is also super that different children are going out into the community to sing at the church, in residential homes and at Highsted Grammar. Events such as these help our children develop as confident individuals and share the excellence of music which pervades here at Tunstall Church of England Primary school.

ReturnNov 29, 2018