First of all, I would like to say how much I enjoyed meeting the parents on Thursday night. It was good to be able to finally put some names to faces. Secondly, I’d like to apologise to those parents I was unable to see on Wednesday. I am available every evening [excluding Thursday 6th Dec and Tuesday 11th Dec] and would urge you to book a new appointment through the school office.

In maths this week, we are continuing to focus on areas in which the class performed less confidently in the recent tests. Areas to be covered will include ordering decimal numbers, short division and long multiplication.

In English, we will endeavour to finish Kensuke’s Kingdom. We will also be working on punctuation and grammar with a view to improving our written work.

In science we will be completing our phases of the moon work which will include lots of practical work.

Finally, we will hopefully be adding the finishing touches to our mechanical toys.

Have a great week! 

Mr Shearer

ReturnDec 4, 2018