A busy week ahead!

This week the children who would like to enter the whole school 'Spoken English' competition will have the chance to read their entry to the class.  We will be selecting four children to go on to the final of the competition which will be next week.  Please see the note sent home last week for more details.

In our English lessons we will be looking again at descriptive language, this time to describe a castle.  Of course, we will also be using our knowledge of sentences, including punctuation and using joining words, when completing our work.  The children will also be encouraged to re-read their work to check for any mistakes, missing words or missing punctuation.  In our phonics lessons we will be practising using our knowledge of phonemes to spell unknown words and we will also be re-visiting some of the tricky, high frequency words that do not follow the usual patterns.  (Eg. said, what, asked, called - these are words that it is not easy to use phonemes to spell).

In our maths lessons we will be working on making calculations to find missing numbers.  For example, 6 + _= 9.  We will be using numbers up to 20 for this task.  We will also be practising reading on the hour and half past times.  We will look at problems involving time and practise language such as earlier and later in our work.

In science we will be looking at herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.  The children have particularly enjoyed learning all  about animals during this term's topic - 'Animals, including humans'.

We are really looking forward the listening to some brilliant reading during the Spoken English auditions.

Mrs Scargill and Mrs Longley

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