We can't quite believe that it is term 3 but time flies when your days are full of fun and learning!

We are throwing ourselves back into school with our new topic - 'London'. We will be reading the story of 'Katie in London' over the next couple of weeks and our writing in English will be based on this great story where Katie and her brother tour London on the back of a lion! This week we will be predicting what we think they will get up to before describing a key scene in the beginning of the story. We will then be thinking about where we would go if we could go on an adventure with a magical lion. At the end of the week we will be researching and writing about Yeoman Warders. 

In Maths, we will continue to look at multiplication, specifically when solving problems. We will then move on to relating our existing knowledge of multiplication to division. 

In SPAG, some of us will be looking at the the two most common ways of making the 'ow'/'ou' sound (cow vs. cloud). Others will be looking at those silent letters that often try to trick us in words, specifically the silent k and g often found at the beginning of words e.g. gnome and knight. 

In Science, we continue to learn about 'Everyday Materials' and testing which material is the strongest. We will be recording our findings on a bar graph. 

In PE, we will be learning the skills needed in netball. This will be an outdoor PE session so please ensure your child has clothing suitable for an outdoor session - long trousers, long sleeved jumper and trainers. In our other session we will be doing gymnastics using some of our larger pieces of equipment. 

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