Well done to Sienna for earning the merit award last week - she was also our mathematician of the week, so a pretty good week all round for her. Evan was our class writer of the week while Louis made the writing hall of fame display and Andrew and Alice made the TT Rockstar hall of fame. Well done to you all. Who will be next?

This week in English we will be in role as Jeff Fishkin offering advice to Bradley Chalkers about his behaviour. Persuasive language is the name of the game, but we will also be concentrating this week on verb tenses. Can you identify the differences between the simple, progressive, perfect and perfect progressive tenses in past present and future? Hopefully most children will be able to by the end of the week!

In maths we continue with decimals, solving problems to be rounded to specified degrees of accuracy, calculating decimal fraction equivalents and using equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages. Phew - that should keep us busy!

Next week it is our turn to lead the KS2 worship on Wednesday. Parents will be invited along so look out for a letter giving details later this week.





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