Reading & Phonics

As a school, we use the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

We like the phases system presented through this programme as it promotes a systematic, progressive approach which allows us the room to be creative as well.

Throughout the scheme, the children will be introduced to 44 sounds. These are made up of individual letters, represented by a sound, and groups of letters that make one sound. The children are taught how to blend sounds for reading and segment sound for spelling.

We also use Bug Club and Phonics Bug as a supplement to the teaching of Early Reading and Phonics. All children in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are given a log on and password so they are able to access phonetically decodable texts at home, in addition to their weekly reading books.

For further information on Early Reading and Phonics, please click here to see our Phonics Guide.