Religious Education

As a Church of England Voluntary Aided School, we give Religious Education high priority in the curriculum.

It is taught for 0.5 hours per week in the Foundation Stage, for 1 hour per week in Key Stage 1 and for 1.25 hours per week in Key Stage 2.

The aims of RE at Tunstall are:

  • To promote the spiritual and moral development of pupils.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to develop awareness of themselves, consideration for others, an appreciation of the natural world and a sense of community through shared beliefs and values.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal world religions.

Our RE follows the React Kent Agreed Syllabus 2006, as required by law. This focuses mainly on Christianity with Hinduism and Judaism at Key State 1 and Judaism, Islam and Sikhism at Key Stage 2. We use the scheme of work devised by Canterbury Diocese for Church of England schools and recommended by Rochester Diocese. These documents may be seen at the school, along with our RE policy statement. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from all or part of RE. We ask that they discuss this fully with the head teacher before making a decision.